Hi, I'm Eli.

I'm an educator, technologist, photographer, and world traveler.

I have a Master's in Educational Technology from Teachers College,
a Bachelor's in Art History & Classics from The Johns Hopkins University,
and a strong desire to work at St. Luke's!

In fact, I was so excited by your job post for

Academic Technologist

that I decided to build this entire website to get your attention!

No joke!

(I recently taught myself Bootstrap)


Why hire me?

I am a technophile.

I helped to build this room!

I began my tech career five years ago, when I became Platform Manager for our Whipple Hill-hosted site. I have developed and streamlined the platform significantly since then: I built all of the school's current schedule, attendance, grading, and course structures; I designed report cards and transcripts for PK-12, including both standard and assessment styles; and I created dozens of custom lists for colleagues across all departments. I have recorded tutorial videos for faculty and parents, I have trained faculty, staff, and admins to make use of the platform's various back-end functions, and I serve as primary contact for all parent-and student-related Whipple Hill concerns. I perform our annual enrollment for grades PK-12 and handle all course changes during the course of the year.

After becoming Network Admin in June 2015, I teamed up with the Director of Technology to implement bold projects that have improved the school in numerous ways. You can read about some of them below!


Created this past summer, the IDEAS Lab (Innovation, Design, Engineering, Art, Science) serves as both a K-12 classroom and a place where students can come to design, build, and explore. I learned MakerBot, FlashForge, M3D, Tinkercad, littleBits, and more in order to support those who use this space.

Graphic Arts Studio

This studio is a re-imagining of a prior studio whose curriculum had outgrown its own space. We converted half of our old Library into a modern design studio, complete with screaming fast 27" iMacs, Cintiq tablets, Apple Remote Desktop, and a dedicated RAIDed file server (which used to be an under-utilized print server). I used suction cups to get into the iMacs' guts and replace their hard drives with SSDs! All machines run the latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud.

RebelVision TV Studio

The RebelVision studio was born out of reclaimed space that used to be taken up by a large, unwieldy server rack. I migrated all necessary equipment to a compact mini-rack in a different building (see Network), freeing up the space to become the control room for our various weekly broadcasts. I also managed to retire a number of large, loud old servers that were lumbering along from a prior era. Score!

Network Core

Since I was already moving our servers to make room for our TV studio, I took the opportunity to re-deploy them in a 3'x3'x3' mini-rack, which I stored behind a brand new open-post rack. Our buildings used to be networked in series, but I oversaw installing a fiber home run to create a proper core. Now it's one-hop shopping for everyone!

Backup & Disaster Recovery

In addition to local backups performed by WB Admin, I implemented robust multi-site backups both on campus and in the cloud. Add in a reconfigured battery backup array, and everyone can rest a bit easier when those winter storms hit.

Remote Management

The Mac Minis that drive our SMARTBoards are all available for remote troubleshooting, so that I can help any teacher from anywhere on campus (the kids totally dig it when the computer starts acting on its own). I also make use of Microsoft Remote Desktop to manage our servers and some key Windows machines, such as our Spiceworks help desk web server.

Wireless Tuning & Heat Mapping

I created detailed heat maps of our three buildings, so I could deploy our wireless access points in the most effective manner. I also custom tuned every AP in order to minimize the interference felt between classrooms.

Digital Signage

I researched and taught myself to use the free, yet powerful web-based RiseVision platform. Then I taught Deans how to use it to create targeted presentations in their respective buildings. Then I taught it to Student Council officers, so that they could post announcements on a screen in the lobby of the Upper School  

Digital Asset Management

I purchased a refurbished Dell R510 with 12 bays and loaded it with a brand new set of WD Red drives in a RAID 50 configuration and mirrored SSD boot drives for good measure. All told it can hold 15TB. We settled on the lean, web-based, SQL-driven Gallery Pro Server to create our database. It integrated seamlessly with Active Directory and allowed us to use a free version of SQL to power the back-end.

I am an educator at heart.

It runs in the family!

According to my parents, when I was young I used to say, "I'll never be a teacher!" Presumably this was because they were both teachers. Turns out I was wrong.

I started tutoring in college, working both with my peers and underserved Baltimore school kids. I loved it so much that I applied to be an elementary co-teacher in Greenwich. From there I landed in Saddle River, where I have had great fun teaching Latin, Geometry, and Statistics — all while serving as Platform Manager.

In my role as Platform Manager I have taught our faculty how to design and maintain course pages, create grade books, roll over course material, use Official Notes and Message to communicate with students and parents, and perform all sorts of grade calculations.

As Network Admin and all-around Tech Guru, I have helped faculty and staff with a smorgasbord of skills, such as video editing, 3D printing, Google apps, Excel, and Smart Notebook.

I've used past summers to volunteer teach in Africa and Asia, where I worked with students from elementary to college age. I believe strongly in equality of educational opportunity, so I combined my service bent with my wanderlust and had some serious adventures. Below you can see me teaching math in Ghana!

I am a self-starter.

If I need to know, then I'll learn!

As a lifelong learner, I recognize how fortunate I am to live in a time when information acquisition and self-teaching is easier than ever before in human history.

Academic technology offers unparalleled opportunities to acquire more skills, so I have been building my repertoire over the past few years. I have taught myself how to use a wide variety of hardware, applications, and protocols, including:



L2/3 switching

IP telephony





3D printing




GAFE Admin






Ableton Live



I am a creator.

Art and design ftw!

I am a creative professional.

My students have used Comic Life, VoiceThread, Inspiration, GarageBand, iMovie, and more to bring projects to life.

Outside of the classroom, I have used my skills to create promotional material for my school, including sports and performing arts photography, print layout, and web design.

Below are some examples:

I bring global perspective.

World travel is a passion!

I love to travel.

To date I have been to over thirty countries on five continents, and I've learned a little more about the world from every adventure. I have camped in the Namib and Sahara Deserts, hiked Peru's Salkantay Pass, and backpacked through South East Asia. I've lived as a local all over Europe and driven across the US.

I try to incorporate my experiences in both my classroom and my interactions with colleagues; I love to share stories about the world's staggering array of cultures, traditions, foods, and natural beauty.

During my travels I've also developed a substantial portfolio of images, which I love to share with my school community. It makes my day if a student's curiosity is piqued by photos of the faraway places I've explored.

Check out some of my favorites below!

If you're interested, visit


for much more!

I am half Vulcan.

(and half computer)

OK, not really.

However, I do take a logical approach to all problems. My time-management skills leave me free to work in teams or on my own.

I have used my strong organizational skills to create detailed inventories, thorough network documentation, and clean shared server volumes.

Tech triage helps me meet the needs of my entire school on a daily basis. I evaluate service tickets based on severity and combine on-site and remote troubleshooting to maximize efficiency.

P.S. I'm actually very empathetic.

In conclusion...

I just can't help but go above and beyond!

Thank you for taking the time to peruse FENDELMANIA.

Your school looks like an outstanding place to work.

Your mission, tech initiatives, and all around ethos
represent everything I want in a school community.

I hope to hear from you!

Feel free to contact me:


© 2016 Eli Fendelman